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Growing a Pro-Life

culture inHawaii

Our Mission

We are focused on protecting Life, the first and most basic human right - the Right to Life. We believe every person has the right to Life regardless of age, illness, or disability. We believe that every Life is valuable, for that reason we work to eliminate problems not people; because every Life deserves protection, from conception until natural death. Our ultimate goal is to restore protection to innocent human Life. 


Take THE


what we do

We advocate for the vulnerable, the abandoned, and the defenseless: the baby still in its mother's womb, the orphaned child desperate for a safe and loving home, and the woman who finds herself in a desperate situation. We work tirelessly to bring attention and healing to the struggles of the unborn and other at-risk groups, endeavoring to help secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all the people of Hawai'i.


Why we do it

Because every Life has a value, from the first heartbeat to the last natural breath.

help the fight for the sanctity of life